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Experience Hamburg differently

Sustainable bicycles?!

The status quo:

It's already staggering what the industry nowadays offers us as "bicycles":

Safety-critical components that should be replaced after 5-10 years, bells that will not even survive a rental period, tires and plastic components literally disassembled from sunlight; rims (made of aluminum), which have become wear parts - all the technical progress is apparently only used to shorten the life of the bikes to even shorter intervals!

What a waste of energy, time and human labor! In short, I'm fed up with getting full-flopped. A good bike lasts (with the obligatory care and maintenance) a whole human life and longer!

Away from the misery:

Difficult, but not impossible! With over 40 years of experience in durable bicycles and bicycle parts, I have no choice but to rely on proven components that are no longer commercially available: Steel frame; Stainless steel sheets from the last century (because the new ones seem to be made of brittle alloys), bells (which still deserve this name and were only produced until the 70's), etc., etc.

Of course it is not without compromise. New shifts and V-Brakes* certainly have their justification and they are also used by me. But: must the circuits here in the flat country have 30 gears and the sprockets used be wafer-thin? So in the last 20 years, I have completely disassembled used bicycles with a great deal of work and no consideration for my own health, and carefully forged them together again from the best components that I could find new or used. But don't worry, most of my bikes look like new!

Above all, my unique fleet of stainless steel bikes is looking to be top in the world! But the best bikes are of no use if they are not permanently maintained! I stand for that. If you decide for the sustainable bike rental "Hamburg experienced differently", you are paying for well screwed bicycles with hand-picked components and the delivery to you; not for new, short-lived industrial goods, which you also have to pick up yourself!

So do not let yourself be dazzled: It's not all gold that glitters. But every screw on my rental bikes shines, because it is made of stainless steel!


I am often asked from which manufacturer my rental bikes are. Because the first thing I do is to remove the ridiculous stickers from the bike frames.

Finally, most bike frames are made in Southeast Asia, some already pre-assembled with some sad components and shipped worldwide. The stickers with the cool sounding brand names are then glued on it by some "middleman"!

What a blessing if you're able to recognize quality even without branding! "Experience Hamburg differently" is just something for connoisseurs ...!